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Adding an Issue

To add a new Issue:

  1. Click Add button available at top right to add a new issue. The Select Project window appears. Select the project for which the Issue is being maintained. Note that the project cannot be changed after an Issue has been created. It will have to be deleted and then recreated. Select a project by clicking on the down-arrow button to the right side of the Add button.
  2. Provide a unique identification to the Issue at the Title field. It is a good practice to phrase the issue title appropriately so that it can be identified in the Issue List easily.
  3. Add a very detailed description for the title describing the Issue in the Description field.
  4. Click on Type to select the type of Issue: Issue, Defect, Task, Discussion or Query.

  1. Click on Status to select the status of the Issue: Open, On-Hold, Resolve, Verified, Verification Failed or Closed.
  2. Click on Priority to set the priority of the Issue: Low, Normal or High.
  3. Click on Severity to set the severity of the Issue: Low, Medium or High.
  4. Click on Assigned To to select the name of the person to whom the Issue is to be assigned for further processing.
  5. Click on Due Date to select the due date for the Issue.
  6. Click on User Tag to select the user-defined tags for marking the issues for future follow up.  

  1. Click on Customer to select the customer for whom the Issue is being defined.
  2. Select the name of the person who reported the Issue using the Reported By field.
  3. Select the date and time when the Issue was reported using the Reported At field.
  4. The fields Created By, Modified By, Created At and Modified At are defaulted by the system using the details of the logged-in user and the time when the two operations occurred.
  5. Click Save to save the record. As soon as a record is saved, a notification is sent to the assigned user via email and SMS based on the option selected by the user. Upon saving, the Notes, Attachments, Notifications and Linked Issues tabs get activated.