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Contact Us

From this screen a user can initiate communication with the eWorkplace Apps Support team. The type of message can be selected as Suggestion, Question, Comment or Issue. The user can also select the list of users to CC.

To: The eWorkplace Apps Support email address is set as the default in this field.

Type: This field assists the eWorkplace Apps Support team to understand the purpose of the email so that they can forward it to the concerned department for timely processing. The type of email options are Suggestion, Question, Comment or Issue.

Cc: The email address to which a copy of the email will be sent can be entered in this field

Description: This field describes the intent of the email.  

Sending Feedback

  1. Open the Send Feedback form using the down arrow button available next to the user's name displayed at the top right corner.
  2. Click on the Type field. A window is displayed. Select the type as: Suggestion, Question, Comment or Issue.

  1. Click on the Cc field to select the person/department to whom the mail is to be copied.
  2. Type the intent of the email in the Description field.  
  3. Click on the Send button to send the email.