Getting Started for New Administrator

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Getting Started for Administrator

First login to the application is through the Administrator. An administrator is responsible for creating and managing projects, defining users and assigning appropriate permissions and customizations for the application to meet the needs of the company.

The following three steps will help Administrators quickly start using the application.

Create an Account:

An Administrator will create an account in Issue Tracker before anyone else in the company or group can use the application. Go to the website, and click on Sign Up to create an account. An invitation email on the successful creation of the account will be sent to the Administrator. By following the instructions in the email, a password can be set. The Administrator can then start using the application.

Manage users:

On the Home screen, click Account Administration, and then click users. Add, update and delete users. When a user is added, the user will be sent an invitation email, and the first login by that user will activate access to the application.

Manage Projects:

Before users can create issues, the Administrator has to create project(s) for issues of users. On the Home screen, click Projects.