Getting Started for New User

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Getting Started for New User


Before a user can begin using Issue Tracker, a login must be created with appropriate privileges. Login is done through the registered email address and with the password set for use.

Logging into the application:

  1. Enter the registered email address.
  2. Enter the password.
  3. Click Login.  The Home screen appears.

Home Screen:

Immediately after logging in, user will be taken to the main interface of the application, Home Screen.


The user can set preferences and options in the application that will be set until they are changed. In the browser version of the application, the user's name is displayed at the top right corner with a drop-down button to its right. Clicking on this button will display a list of items that the user can set. On the iPad version of the application, in the Home screen, tapping on the Settings item will display the preferences list. In this section a user can subscribe to event notifications and set preferences.


Click on the Issues link to go to the Issues section. The user will be spending most of the time in managing issues on this screen. It is divided into two parts: the left part for the issue list and the right part for displaying the data of the currently selected issue.


Use the Home button on the top left of the Issue screen to navigate to other parts of the application. Click on Reports to navigate to the reports section. The user can get a summary or detailed report of issues matching the set criteria. A user can export a report as a Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel or Acrobat PDF file. The report may be emailed to other users of the application or to any external user on predefined schedules.