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Issue Notes

Notes are an integral part of an issue's life cycle. As an issue is flowing through its resolution stages, users will be writing notes about the issue. In addition to the user generated notes, the system auto-generates notes when important events occur for the issue.

A user will, very likely, be frequently visiting the Notes tab during the lifetime of the issue to view how the selected issue is being processed and to find out when and to whom it is assigned as well as tracking changes in important data and text notes entered by users. The Sort button is used to sort the various note items. The yellow note button is used to add notes for the issue.

By default, a note is public; that is, it will be visible to all users with rights permission. However, a note can be marked private and be visible only to a specific user.

Notes displayed in this tab can be filtered in four different ways by selecting the appropriate choice at the top:

User can also add a note from Issue Details tab.