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This application generates issue notifications automatically when certain events occur; i.e. when an issue is assigned or when an issue is escalated. First, an event entry is made in the issue's Notes, which can be viewed in Notes tab. Then, the event notification is sent to users who have subscribed to notifications for such events. If a  user does not want to be notified of these events immediately, then  the notification frequency is set to “Daily Summary” or “Daily Details” instead of “Immediate”, which will enable the application to send a combined notification for all events once a day at the set delivery time. It is important to note that since the notification system is subscription based, unless the user is subscribed to the specific event type, no notification will be sent to the user for that event type.

There are three different places in the application from which issue event notifications may be subscribed.

Project Notifications:

On behalf of the project members, a Project Manager may subscribe to notifications for events created for issues in the projects. This is a central place where a Project Manager can enforce common notification policies for the project members.

Issue Notifications:

Each issue manages its own separate notification subscription. For example, a user may want to be notified when a particular issue is assigned to a member or is updated. The Notifications tab of the issue screen would then be used to set and manage notifications for that issue.

My Notifications:

From this screen the user can manage notification subscriptions to issues that were either self-created or assigned. For example, a user may want to be informed if an issue has been updated or closed.

Pseudo Users:

Generally, a notification is subscribed to be delivered to specific users. However, in some cases, a user may want it to be delivered to another user defined by role for that issue, such as the manager of the team. The system supports many types of pseudo users: Assigned To, Created By, Last Updated By, Project Manager and Project Members.

By default, the system will not send a notification if a user is the initiator of that event. For example, a user may want to receive notification when an issue of his own creation. A user would not normally get notification of those issues unless another user creates it.

According to the preferences, notifications may be sent by email or SMS or both.