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My Notifications

On this screen, a user can manage notification subscriptions to issues. Based on preference, the user can select the issues for which notifications should be triggered. For example, a user may choose to be informed if an issue has been updated or closed.

A user can even set reminders to be continually reminded of an issue which is not yet closed or which is still due.

Setting up the Notifications:

  1. Click on the slide bar next to the various choices available to select the instances on which the user wants to be notified.
  2. Click on the Done button to save the settings.

Setting up Reminder

  1. Click the slide bar to select the instances on which the reminder is needed. System prompts to set the reminder frequency by displaying the Set Reminder window.
  2. Set the frequency of the reminder which can be in Hours, Days or Weeks.
  3. Enter a numeric value in the adjacent field to define the time intervals for the reminder. Click OK to return to the main window.
  4. Click Done on the main window to save the reminder setting.