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About Us

Established in Southern California, USA, eWorkplace Apps is the leading developer of SaaS based applications. With a team of software professionals dedicated to the development of applications, eWorkplace Apps provides convenient, collaborative and constant access to its users. Seamlessly integrating communication techniques with traditional work management capabilities, it fully focuses on engaging team members in highly productive activities while providing managers with the data and visibility they need for optimum utilization of resources.

Unlike traditional solutions that rely on ineffective communication and control management methods, eWorkplace Apps combines the power of real-time collaboration, authorization, and accountability making it promising for people to take responsibility for their work and perform faster with greater accuracy. Consequently, this nurtures an environment that supports productivity.

Our core business is based on developing, manufacturing, and innovating products that can be used for increasing business productivity and bringing collaboration online. Our mission is to optimize the workplace to fully engage a knowledgeable workforce while refining efficiency and effectiveness.

We value our relationship with our users and endeavor to satisfy their needs at the highest level possible.



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