6 Easy Ways to Make Yourself Productive

Ways to become more productive

Everyone has days that are not as productive as others. Do you feel that you have gotten into a cycle of being unproductive? Here are six easy ways to be productive again!

  1. Break A Big Task Into Smaller Chunks
    How do you eat something that is too big, say a pizza? Without a doubt, the answer is one slice at a time. Or, how is a house is built? Again, one brick at a time. That is, if something is too big, you break it down. In the same way, “break” your project into smaller pieces for a more seamless execution.
    Remember, “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much”. Therefore, assign the smaller pieces to the appropriate team members.
  2. Gather The Scattered Information
    Having the correct and appropriate information available at the required time, will help you make the right decision. To be more productive, help yourself to contain all of your data or information at one central location.
  3. Voice Your Commitment
    Don’t just work on your task without a goal in mind. Set a specific measurable result or timeline.
  4. Prioritize Your Work
    Prioritizing tasks is the key to success. Without priorities, it is hard to decide what to work on next. At the start of each day, one should first list out the tasks to be performed and then organize them considering which tasks are most important. Two important factors to consider while prioritizing are the time required for each and the dependencies. And, do remember to track their progress!
  5. Identify Your Time Thieves
    Every workplace has unavoidable time thieves such as information sharing, progress tracking, transferring knowledge, etc. Although they are essential but unfortunately, they throw you off course, distract and interrupt. So, instead of improving your results, it hampers your productivity. Let us take an illustration to make the point clear. E.g. You are busy in accomplishing your task to meet the tight deadline and suddenly your colleague comes to you to get some information. Result: broken concentration! However, if you have a tool that keeps track of every activity and lets you quickly resume where you left or may be dropped off randomly, the distractions won’t have major impact.
  6. Batch Together Similar Tasks
    The brain executes complex tasks by lumping together similar items. One should leverage this ability by scheduling similar tasks back-to-back.

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