Engage Customers, Engage Success

engage customers to achieve success

To stay in the lead we are focusing on features that truly make a difference: usability, simplicity, and more on engaging our customers.

When your customers have access to more information in less time, they are in align with what matters to them. As you deliver more engaging, personalized experiences to them, you will be ahead of your competitors. Issue Tracker by eWorkplace Apps will help you achieve this with our customer portal functionality.

The customer portal is designed to provide special privileges, permissions and updates to your customers and their employees. While using the portal, they can:

  1. Login with their own “external user” account. They will be able to view the data that pertains to them only.
  2. Use the customer field on the issue screen so that you can identify which customer reported this issue.
  3. Receive notifications by email or SMS as the status of an associated issue changes.

We do not want to simply “satisfy” our customers. We want to help you engage with your customers to create the emotional connection necessary for sustained growth.