Customization – Do it yourself with Issue Tracker

customization in issue tracker

‘Vanilla is our favorite because we can change it to your favorite’. This line caught my attention at a new ice-cream joint last night. They blended vanilla with different fruits to satiate the craving for different flavors – chocolate, strawberry, mint, etc. I asked myself, “Why is customization preferred everywhere?” Reason: everyone is unique and so is their taste. Similarly, every business is unique and possesses specific requirements. Not all customers would like a vanilla implementation. It may need to be altered to meet the peculiar needs of the business based on its size or different workflows.

eWorkplace Apps understands this and provides customization capabilities in its Issue Tracker application to:

  1. Define your own workflows: With the application you can adapt to your workflow and not the other way round. This means that you don’t need to change the way your business flows.
  2. Add Custom Fields: Custom fields can be defined and added to any project.
    • 10 Text fields
    • 10 Block Text fields
    • 5 Yes/No fields
    • 10 Picklist fields(a custom picklist with 10 fields)
    • 2 Integer fields
    • 2 Number fields
    • 2 Date fields
    • 2 Money fields
    • 2 User fields (base on a user of the application)

    Adding these fields is simple. You can establish the FIELD ID and name your custom field. You will have the option to include it in your project and further to make it required or to set a default value.

  3. Picklist Customization: We define a picklist as a field that provides multiple options to select from. With each picklist you will be able to add a new item to the list, update any of the item’s name, or delete an item. In two easy steps you can add an item! Just select the Picklist and enter the name of the new item. Pretty simple!

Our customization capabilities within Issue Tracker are designed to be simple!