Collect Your Scattered Data – Reports and Dashboard

reports and dashboard of issue tracker

Precise and timely decisions are key to a successful businesses. Everyday a lot of data is generated. But what are you doing to keep track of it or analyzing it for valuable information?

With practically limited time and resources, you may find it difficult to manually collect, examine and analyze the data scattered in every corner of your organization. Result: you may miss out an important opportunity that could have been leveraged with availability of proper information.

For keeping the hold on every opportunity of your business, Issue Tracker by eWorkplace Apps incorporates numerous graphical reports and interactive dashboards. These reports and dashboards provide instant and real-time access to all the information you require, aiding deep analysis and better decision making.

Reports that come with both implicit and explicit filter support fetches the real-time data from your company’s database and displays it in a well presented format including charts, tables, lists, statistics, etc. Also, the generated reports can be exported to MS Word, MS Excel and Adobe PDF. You can also directly e-mail within the application.

Further, to save your time and efforts, the application lets you design your own templates to have a direct view of frequently required information. You can even schedule desired reports to be sent to a number of users regularly at a user-defined interval and frequency.

Just reports cannot satisfy business’ requirements. In today’s dynamic business environment, one needs the ability to control the visualization and analysis of information in real-time. Meeting the need, the application offers interactive dashboards. Besides visualizing data, it allows you to perform various actions to customize the display.

When practically put into use, the dashboard and reports can actually revamp your business by providing the information you need to make critical business decisions. Take a look at some of the main benefits you will achieve from utilizing dashboard and reports in your operational analysis:

  1. Immediate visibility to critical data and information
    Reports and dashboards are generated fetching the real-time data from your company’s database. This improves your visibility and allows you to analyze what is going on in your company at any given minute of the day.
  2. Improved productivity in substantial less time
    Through dashboards and reports, you can quickly drill down to the underlying data and take corrective measures, if necessary. Moreover, you can automate the reporting system that helps you save your time and focus your attention on important tasks.
  3. Better decisions making
    As mentioned above, dashboards and reports provide real-time information at your fingertips. This definitely impacts your business in a positive manner by providing deeper insight on your business trends and making decisions based on facts.
  4. Faster return on investment (ROI)
    Increased visibility, improved operational efficiency, streamlined processes, and enhanced productivity are the results of investing in dashboards and reports. And, all of these add up to create a proactive environment which ultimately results in a faster ROI.

So, what are you waiting for? Start using Issue Tracker’s reports and dashboards today!