Issue Tracker by eWorkplace Apps: New Version Release

Issue Tracker for Web and iOS Devices

We are delighted to announce the release of a new and improved version of their free collaborative tool – Issue Tracker. With the launch of this version, we aim to revolutionize the process of issue management by offering convenient and constant collaboration to the teams for efficient working.

Issue Tracker facilitates aligning business processes with better visibility, collaboration, knowledge sharing and timely closure, by:

  • Capturing and organizing project based issues
  • Assigning to a user and setting the priority
  • Escalating critical issues
  • Intelligent search throughout application

Moreover, being a SaaS based application, Issue Tracker by eWorkplace Apps is available on all iOS devices along with your desktop browser.

The power of the product is further boosted with the new features in version 3.5:

  • Generating automatic reports with scheduled frequency
  • Cloning an issue in a single click, for your similar issue types
  • Sending pre-defined email/sms alerts about every event
  • Providing quick and accurate snapshots, via a personalized dashboard
  • Bringing transparency to your customers about the progress of their issues

Mr. Hari Dudani, CEO of eWorkplace Apps said, “The best thing about the new version of Issue Tracker by eWorkplace Apps is that it not only maintains issues, but manages them as well.”

The application is adaptable to different user-needs and business processes through customization. Issue Tracker by eWorkplace Apps is thoughtfully designed for a variety of teams such as, Quality Control, Professional Services, Product Development, Customer Support, and many more.

As per Mr. Hari Dudani, “It does not enforce change on your working culture, rather, is easily adapted to your workflow, the way you want your team to work and collaborate.”

If you are ready for an improved issue tracking experience, get started on the web or download the app on your iOS devices.