Why Upgrade From Spreadsheets to Track Issues?

it's time to upgrade to track issues

There is no software for issue management that is more popular than spreadsheets. But actually, spreadsheets are not designed for issue management. They are designed just for storing tabular data and simple operations on the data.

Few of the reasons for the popularity of spreadsheets are:

  • Easy availability
  • Ease of use
  • Popularity of MS-Office tools

These are not the reasons, indeed the obvious truths about spreadsheets. But, as the saying goes-“all truths are not to be told”. Spreadsheets does have problems of its own and it actually hampers your efficiency of managing issues.

Companies are in need of a better, rather the best tracking tool. Issue Tracker by eWorkplace Apps is one such tool. It is an application that helps you efficiently track and manage issues originating from projects. Whereas, spreadsheets have boundaries that do not offer a range of capabilities and controls.

Some of those are as below:

Easy Project Management

By using the application, you can organize issues into projects and assign them to intended person. This helps the person to concentrate on, and resolve, only the issues that are related to him. Different priority levels can be set for different issues indicating the issues requiring highest priority. Issues can also be escalated, so that they can be handled as per your organizational hierarchy.

Moreover, multiple projects can be assigned to a person. His/her permissions to issues may be different for different projects. And for supporting this, the application provides the option to easily control user access by assigning permissions for various operations.

Adding notes as well as attaching documents with the intended issue is also possible within the application. This can not only make your resolution process regarding particular issue more clear but also supports learning for the other persons in case they are also working on similar issue.

Executing these operations in spreadsheets is quite troublesome. It demands in-depth knowledge of the tool. On the other hand, Issue Tracker by eWorkplace Apps is user-friendly, simple and quick to use.

Real-time collaboration

There are times when multiple persons needs to work on the same issue at the same time. Managing which is also not a problem with our Issue Tracker application as individuals can update about the progress of issues in real-time. Whereas, the spreadsheets lack the feature. Multiple users cannot update the spreadsheet simultaneously. Thus, users have to create their own private copy of the spreadsheet. Eventually, team loses the data synchronization and the entire co-ordination.

Automatic notifications

Tracking is important, so is follow-ups and alerts. Issue Tracker by eWorkplace Apps delights you by combining the both (read: tracking and alerts) into one tool. This is another reason that calls for the upgrade from spreadsheets.

By using the application, alerts can be sent automatically to the concerned person whenever certain events occur related to the issue, for example, when an issue is assigned, or when an issue is escalated, etc. This makes tracking the on-going progress much easier and faster. Spreadsheets lack this feature.

Analytical reports

The application incorporates a wide variety of reports for listing and displaying projects and their issues. Different reports displaying just required data leads to quick analysis and better decision-making which is not possible by using spreadsheets.