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Issue Tracker for Customer Support

We help you while you help your customers!

issue tracker for customer support department

Real-time collaboration with customers plays an important role in delivering efficient customer service. And, eWorkplace Apps Issue Tracker makes it easy and effective. It is a web based software that is bundled with numerous time saving features you need to support and retain your happy customers.

The application scales with your business, supercharge your help desk and delivers unparalleled customer support experience.

Seeing is believing: Engage customers

Sometimes a customer needs an input before a service can be fulfilled. For this, the application offers special logins to customer portal where they can view, export, sort, filter or group their issues to better analyze the progress 24/7/365.

Ticket registering to billing

Register, categorize, assign and transfer tickets to intended authority. Log transfers and assignments, moreover time stamps for every event, to record where the ticket has been routed to for handling and how much billable hours has been generated.

Ensure prompt support

Automatic notifications and date-specific reminders can be configured against every service ticket raised. This ensures that every ticket gets the prompt attention of the required person.
customize as per customer support’s need cloud based solution no installation required free issue tracking software



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