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Data Security

Data is an asset for your business as it links every process with itself. Information like projects, issues, their current status and users assigned is crucial. It is irreplaceable and risky if it falls into the wrong hands. So, protecting it is a must. eWorkplace Apps takes good care of your data. Processes have been implemented that keep your data safe and confidential. Be assured that your data is protected from unauthorized intrusions.

eWorkplace Apps data security offers:

data redundancy

Data Redundancy

eWorkplace Apps understands the importance of your data and, therefore, protects your data from being lost. We have strict procedures in place to protect the physical security of our servers, as well as protecting the integrity of the data they store. Our sophisticated redundancy concept takes into account the individual design of our system architecture and ensures that system security is guaranteed at all times.

Your data is stored on multiple servers. If something should happen to the primary server, your data is safe on a backup server. When required, the data can be restored on the primary server. This ensures your data is secure even if the main server is damaged.

uptime assurance

Uptime Assurance

Network downtime is another major threat organizations cannot afford, even for a few minutes. It can bring your team coordination to a halt for the duration, ultimately affecting your productivity. In short, the downtime hampers the entire business operations. Therefore, a sophisticated strategy is required to avoid long and expensive downtimes.

eWorkplace Apps understands the importance of 24x7 availability of the service and assures that you get the maximum uptime for constant coordination among your team members. Our maximum uptime assurance is a direct result of our relentless pursuit of service excellence.

no unauthorized access

Internal or External Unauthorized Access Preventive Measures

Data theft and cyber crimes are the major concerns for businesses holding their data on mobiles and the cloud. At eWorkplace Apps, we have implemented a firewall equipped with advanced security features, acting as a gateway between our network and others. It examines entire messages passing through our network and blocks those that do not meet the stated security standards. This offers us the necessary safety measures needed to protect your data.

Not only do we protect your data from external thefts, but we have also taken care to protect it from internal unauthorized access. At eWorkplace Apps, only authorized persons are assigned the intended rights for accessing the network equipment physically as well as technically.

In addition, your passwords are stored in an encrypted form on our servers. This acts as an extra security layer to prevent unauthorized access to your data.



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