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What is Issue Tracker by eWorkplace Apps?

It is a collaborative application to manage and track issues and tasks of projects. This is a hosted application and your data is stored in our cloud.

Which browsers does the application support?

It uses standard features of web browser technologies, such as HTML, JavaScript and CSS. It does not use any Active-X controls nor does it use Java. The application has been tested on recent versions of four major browsers: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox and Apple Safari. It has been optimized for display and performance for these browsers.

Does the application run on mobile devices? If so, what features are supported on them?

We are constantly working on extending our application support on mobile devices. Presently it is supported on the iPhone and iPad. All the features that are supported from your desktop, are fully supported on the iPad. However, on the iPhone we only support the Issues and Settings modules.

Can I host the application on my own server?

No, currently our application is offered only as a hosted service. We host out application at our highly secured data center with high uptime, so that you can concentrate on your core business activity rather than allocating your precious resources for IT.

What hardware and software do I need to install to use this application?

You do not need to install it on your premises. All you need is a device with standard browser or an iPad and connection to the internet as our application runs in the cloud (internet) on server machines hosted by us at our highly secured data center and is accessible from anywhere, anytime. You also do not need any IT support to start using the application. Access to the application is provided to you as a service, to which you subscribe as needed for your use.

Is there any cost and/or long-term contract to sign and commitment to make?

No, Issue Tracker is a completely free application, with no hidden costs. We do not ask you for any payment details. Also, there are no contracts long/short term.

How much does it cost for upgrading to a new version?

Nothing. We provide all of our updates, both for fixes and new releases, for free. Our application is offered as a hosted service, hence these releases are automatically installed and are available to each subscriber as soon as they are released.

We have offices geographically apart; will that cause any difficulty in using the application?

No, as Issue Tracker by eWorkplace Apps is accessed through internet, you can use it from anywhere at any time, distance does not make any difference here. In fact, it will help your team to collaborate in more efficient ways than other solutions.

What is the limit on number of projects and issues?

There is no limit to number of projects and issues in the application. You can create as many projects and issues as you like. However, there is a limit for maximum attachment storage.



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