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For organizations looking for a project based issue management tool, Issue Tracker by eWorkplace Apps can prove to be an apt solution. Its intuitive interface and well-researched functionalities are designed to give user a complete experience.


Powerful and automated Notification system to keep everyone informed or in the loop through e-mails. Flexible Notifications and Reminder Setup:

  • At pre-defined events on three levels: issue, project and user
  • To users using or not using the application

Out-of-the-box customizations to make the application your own.

  • Custom Fields to configure the application as per existing business rules, processes and phrases
  • Pick List Customization to accommodate more options for default fields
Reports and Dashboard

Keep a track on your business with real time access to numerous reports and intuitive dashboard.

  • Schedule reports to E-mail them to anyone at specified frequency and timelines
  • Extensive tabular and graphical reports generated in different formats
  • Real-time view of companies’ operations through dashboards
  • Extract and analyze the desired sub-set of data through Grid-view
Customer Portal

Special privileges, permissions and updates for the customers and their users. They can

  • Check the status of as well as view, export, and sort, or group their issues
  • Can be referred against an issue
  • Receive notifications whenever the status of the related issue(s) changes
Easy Migration

Issues can be imported into the application for easy migration.

  • Import issues from spreadsheet or CSV files
  • Maintains Log for future reference
Issue Organization

Issues are organized into projects for better visibility.

  • Issue categorization based on their type or depending on its characteristic. For e.g.: task, issue, defect, query, discussion, etc.
  • Issues prioritization to emphasize urgency
  • Issues severity to indicate the possible impact on the project
  • Issues grouping using private tag(s)
  • Issue assignment to implement accountability throughout its life cycle
  • Issue linking to indicate relationships like related, duplicate and parent-child
Access Control

Full control over what your users can or cannot do.

  • Access permissions assignment depending on Account and Project roles
  • Optional issue verification on resolution of quality assurance
Ease of Use

Create and finish projects faster by:

  • Cloning an existing project or creating from templates
  • Cloning existing issues to create a new ones with a click
  • Context sensitive help is available throughout the application to get you moving whenever stuck
Visual Indicators

Easy and quick identification of issues with visual indicators that:

  • Auto highlight past due issues
  • Indicate escalation of issues as per your organizational hierarchy
  • Mark a star for personal tracking
  • Use graphical icons for easy identification
Track Time

Track and deliver the project on-time with time tracking feature that helps:

  • Stamp time of every event
  • Set regular reminders prior to the due date
Sort and Search

Perform intelligent search instead of drowning deep into huge data by:

  • Applying intended filters
  • Searching from various fields like everywhere, issue no., title, description, etc
  • Auto saving of last 10 searched phrases for subsequent use
  • Accessing the stored last 10 issues for repetitive easy
Collaboration and Communication

Bring real-time collaboration with effective communication through:

  • Adding any number of resolution notes for future reference
  • Tracking changes with automatic notes on predefined events
  • Adding attachments for more clarity regarding the issue or a project



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